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Modern Age Financial Planning
Revolutionary Financial Planning


We are experienced financial advisors and planners making high end financial planning available at affordable prices.

Independent Financial Planning


Our financial plans are solely focused on helping you find the lowest risk, lowest cost path to your financial goals. No commissions, and no proprietary products.

Easy Financial Planning


Fee-only, real person support and guidance combined with virtual meetings. The services are simple and straightforward.

Financial Planning, Built for the Modern Age

The cornerstone to our service is financial planning.  Unlike other planners, though, we do things quite a bit differently. Rather than wasting time in traffic to sit in a stuffy office looking at numbers nobody understands, we use technology to meet “virtually” from the comfort of your home or office.  We build customized financial plans, built by real financial advisors (not just some computer program). Each plan is tailored to help you reach your objectives, not those of some big financial conglomerate. This modern way of providing financial planning is more efficient and saves you both time and money.

Financial Planning for the Modern Age

Proactive Wealth Monitoring

Whether there is money on the move, or allocations adrift you need to know what is happening with your clients. Blueleaf automatically monitors ALL your clients accounts for things you need to know allowing you to manage money that is held away almost as well as custodial assets. Once you have a plan, it needs to be monitored. Our proactive monitoring system automatically checks all of your accounts and lets you know quickly and easily if you are on track. If you ever fall behind the system alerts you right away, and your personal Wealtholution Advisor helps create a game plan to get you back on track.

Proactive Wealth Monitoring

In This Case… Different Really is Better

For many people the idea of a Virtual Financial Advisor (or Online Financial Advisor) is different. And different can be a little scary at first. We understand, so let’s shed some light on what a Virtual Advisor is and why we think it’s the best solution for many people looking for quality financial advice and management.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile Optimized

Track your portfolio and planning progress wherever, whenever, and however you want. Including with all your mobile devices.

Professional Support

Professional Support

Don’t be shy and get in touch, let us know if you have questions. We have a highly trained staff of experienced financial advisors at your ready – whenever you are.


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